1500 S.W. First Avenue
Suite 700
Portland, Oregon 97201
Ph: 503-222-2408

Portland, Oregon Experienced Law Firm

We are an experienced, three lawyer firm located in downtown Portland. Our primary practice areas are:

Over the years we have learned that a people want to be able to talk to their lawyer, understand what their lawyer tells them and get their legal matter resolved in a timely and successful fashion. We pride ourselves on our communication and professional skills and timely results. How do we do this?

  1. We are small and human. No firewalls of voice mail. No two-month wait for an appointment. No three-piece suits. If need be, we can meet with you after usual business hours.

  2. We only do certain types of cases (personal injury, workers' compensation, civil rights, employment, criminal defense) and we do them well.

  3. We walk a mile in your shoes. The legal system can be intimidating. We constantly strive to see your case from your perspective and make sure you understand your rights.

  4. The lawyers handle your case, not paralegals

  5. We are experienced in fighting for your rights against insurance companies and big corporations. We have succeeded against the biggest companies in Oregon.

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